The AMEL spirit animates each stage of construction, from the choice of materials to the finish of the fittings, as well as the service provided to AMEL customers around the world. Entirely designed and manufactured in La Rochelle, each unit is delivered by an AMEL technician during a week of getting started. The owner can thus familiarize himself with his new sailboat and begin to appreciate the true pleasure of effortless, safe and comfortable navigation.


Laminators, carpenters, varnishers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, riggers, fittings, saddlers ... These are more than 30 trades that collaborate in the design and construction of sailboats. In a permanent search for impeccable finishes, the selection of materials is the focus of all attention, focusing on French know-how.

Partner of the Rally, the shipyard offers to the first registered AMEL owners to benefit from a discount on the registration fees.

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