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Marie Galante, the island with 100 mills, has always been the island of Cane.

It was at the end of the 19th century that the BIELLE Distillery was founded. It has known how to evolve as its successive owners. The manufacture of sugar, which has become obsolete in small "sucrottes", has given way to distilleries of agricultural rum.



The BIELLE Distillery perpetuates an old tradition of making agricultural rum with pure cane juice.

Marie-Galante attracts, year after year, lovers of authenticity and nature. The BIELLE Agricultural Distillery may have something to do with it!

Indeed, this distillery, which perpetuates this old tradition of manufacturing agricultural rum with pure sugar cane juice, is the only Caribbean rum production unit to comply with environmental regulations by a particular method of processing his vinasses.

The schooner Bielle transports rum from the Antilles to Europe in the old-fashioned way and thus allows dynamic aging of the product. The ship Bielle participated in the Rally many times in order to cross the Atlantic and find its home port, in Marie-Galante.

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