pharmacie rélementaire de bord, rallye des iles du soleil



The composition of the on-board pharmacy is an important phase in the preparation of your future transatlantic or long cruise. It will treat on board the most common medical or traumatic problems, occurring in a healthy person. A copy of the list of on-board medicines will be kept by the Rally doctor to advise you best in the event of remote assistance.


As a safety measure, all participants of the Rallye des Iles du Soleil must have a pharmacy containing all the products listed in the document opposite, and in sufficient quantity depending on the number of team members. This is based on the FFVoile RSO1 legislation (note: Long distance and far offshore races).


During offshore races or rallies supported by the French Sailing Federation, the on-board pharmacy must meet the criteria and composition imposed by regulatory texts: Special Offshore Regulations, or RSO. Established by the French Sailing Federation, these rules aim to establish a minimum uniform equipment and layout and training standards for monohull and multihull sailboats running offshore.


The trade names of the drugs are indicative, other similar products can be used perfectly. It is advisable to seek advice from your attending physician when setting up your on-board pharmacy. If you, or one of your team members follows a specific treatment, do not forget to bring your own medicines.

For boarded children, it is necessary to provide, depending on age, suitable dosages or substitute products for a certain number of drugs.

Also, the Rallye des Iles du Soleil being medicalized, a referent doctor is available to future participants to answer any question or request for additional information concerning the preparation of the pharmacy.


On board, avoid self-medication: some very effective drugs can sometimes be dangerous. It is strongly advised to use all of these products only on the advice of a distant doctor.


The storage of drugs in the pharmacy respecting the classification of the official allocation facilitates the search for the desired product. You will therefore need four different containers: the emergency bag, the daily bag, the general and reserve bag and the survival bag.


It is strongly recommended to place the products in airtight containers fitted with a deterrent safety closing device, especially for children. These must be placed in an easily accessible place, protected from light and water and little subject to thermal variations. The different products must be arranged according to a rational and clear organization to facilitate their use and avoid errors, by therapeutic class or area of action for example (pain, temperature, wounds, allergies, digestive disorders ...).


It is necessary to establish a register of drugs managing the entries, exits and expiration.

During the week of compulsory presence at Marina La Palma, and before departure, the referring doctor for the Rallye des Iles du Soleil will make a visit to each boat in order to check the on-board pharmacy and its organization. He will answer any last questions. A medical briefing will also be organized to give first aid advice and to demonstrate the use of certain medical tools.

The Rally referent doctor will be permanently available throughout the navigation period to answer your questions and with the possibility of remote consultation.

exemple organisation pharmacie à bord, grande croisière

Before departure, you are strongly advised to consult your doctor who knows you well with the official list of medical supplies. He will check the status of your vaccinations (especially tetanus), write the prescription, mandatory for the delivery of some of the requested medicines. Likewise a visit to your dentist is recommended.


The good preparation of a cruise also passing by the medical check-up of the team members, the Rally asks each one to fill in a medical file with his treating doctor, which will be transmitted to the Referent Doctor of the Rally and to the Maritime Medical Consultation Center (CCMM).

Also, as a preventive measure, we recommend that the skipper instruct team members in emergency medical procedures and in the composition of the pharmacy.