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Authenticity, Experience and Independence.
RALF TECH is a human-sized company managed by enthusiasts of fine watchmaking. Our mission is to create technically accomplished watches, without marketing diktat and without belonging to a school of thought or a history already written.


Experience cannot be decided. Nor does it declare itself. It is acquired. Since 1996 RALF TECH has acquired solid experience. In terms of sealing, first with the feedback from its professional divers and the World depth record in autonomous scuba diving won in 2005.


RALF TECH is a family brand created by Frank Huyghe in 1996. Dedicated to the production of scuba diving equipment for professionals (civil and military), the brand evolved into watchmaking with the WR1 project in 2003. In 2008 , RALF TECH turns definitively to watchmaking and abandons its other activities.

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