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Can I register with a 9.90m boat?


Perhaps. A request for an exemption from the organization is possible depending on the characteristics of the boat.



Will there be a departure briefing?


Yes, several pre-departure briefings will be organized at Marina La Palma. You will be reminded of the security system in place, the expected weather conditions, the arrival system, your communication "obligations" in order to bring the adventure to your loved ones ashore, medical advice ... Remember that a RoadBook will be given to you a few weeks before departure so that nothing is left to chance!



Do I have to know how to send or receive emails at sea?


Yes, it is an obligation. This will allow you to give news and send photos to the organization to animate our "Information Wall" and will also allow you to download the daily Weather forecast, receive information from the rally, the positioning of all boats, and stay in touch with your loved ones ashore.



When can we get to the Canaries and Marina La Palma?


Marina La Palma provides participants with pontoon places, included in the fees, one week before departure. If you wish to arrive before this availability date, we advise you to contact the Marina. If the cost of the place before the provision is at your expense, know that Les Marinas Calero (Puerto Calero and Marina Lanzarote in Lanzarote and Marina La Palma in La Palma) will offer preferential rates if you arrive early. Interesting if you also want to stop at Lanzarote before reaching La Palma.

Can I participate alone on my boat?


Minimum 2 people on board! We do not allow solo sailing for security reasons. We must be at least 2 people on board (included in the registration price).



Can I embark as a team member?


Yes. Our partner VogAvecMoi allows crews to get in touch through its team-mate / co-navigation service. More info HERE .



Do you do a security check before departure in the assembly ports?


The organization will only carry out security checks in the port of departure, ie at Marina La Palma. Logically, the boats must be in Rally configuration before leaving the continent and in compliance with the compulsory equipment requested. You will find everything that is required in the rules of the Rally.



Should you be licensed at the French Sailing Federation?


Yes, the license will be compulsory for young people and adults. Remember that the age limit is over 8 years for children (discussion possible).



Do you provide nautical charts of the navigation area?


No, but we will ask you to have, in addition to an electronic cartography, a set of paper nautical charts of the zones concerned. The list of cards requested will be provided to you and their presence on board checked!


Do you provide weather information during the rally?


Yes, we will send a daily weather forecast for the area to the mail boxes of the boats. Participants who wish to have Grib files must be able to do so by themselves.



When to leave from France or the continent to the Canary Islands?


The "critical" points are the Bay of Biscay for the Atlantic fleets and the Strait of Gibraltar for the Mediterranean boats. The summer conditions are more favorable for the passage of these two points with good conditions to cross the Bay of Biscay and along the Portuguese coasts (Portuguese trade winds). As of September, conditions can potentially be complicated with the arrival of autumnal depressions (headwind and sea) which can make it more difficult to cross the Bay of Biscay or exit from Gibraltar. Be sure to anticipate the weather conditions over several days before setting out to sea and passing these two points.



Can we follow each other from the ashore?


Yes, a map with your positioning will be set up on the website and visible to everyone.



On the medical side, what do you recommend?


We advise you to see your doctor before leaving. We will ask you for a certificate authorizing you to practice ocean sailing. A list constituting a standard medical kit will be provided to you. Please note, this will be checked before departure! It is one of the safety points checked. You can complete it according to your needs.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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