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The VogAvecMoi club is a website for connecting boat owners and crew members. Launched in 2010, the success of VogAvecMoi comes from the originality of its concept: favor meetings by affinity thanks to a profile comprising the human and maritime qualities of each of its members.


With VogAvecMoi, the team member is no longer only considered in its utility dimension as it can be in many sites. The good teammate is no longer necessarily the hyper competent teammate but the good companion, the one with whom we will get along and take pleasure in sailing.


Our motto: your autopilot will never become your best friend!



Are you looking for team members to accompany you or are you not the owner but still want to participate in the Rallye des Iles du Soleil?

With our partner VOGAVECMOI official team rally grant, you have a full service to help you find a team member or to file your boarding request.

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